Ojai Energetics Is Set to Host CBD Lounge at AI Show Biz Summit

Wondering what CBD and artificial intelligence have in common? Will Kleidon, Founder and CEO of Ojai Energetics answers that and other questions while hosting the first CBD infused mood lounge at the world’s most coveted #AIShowBiz Summit 3.0.

It is set to run from the 2nd of May, 2019 to the 3rd of May, 2019. It would be held at the iconic Fox Theatre in Silicon Valley where almost all the content is usually focused on artificial intelligence in the media entertainment, and blockchain sectors.

AI and Cannabis obviously has a great future. This was confirmed by the words of Will Kleidon, CEO, Founder and Futurist at Ojai Energetics. “AI will bring a new intelligence to the Cannabis industry whether it’s helping learn about optimized timing of dosage to optimizing the growing of our crops. Ojai Energetics is looking at appropriate use of AI as part of the future of health and wellness,” he said.

The Fox Theatre lobby is renamed to the Ojai Energetics Lobby Lounge. It is a place where over 1300 attendees can get a quick escape to relax, recover and revive their physical and mental senses at any point in time during the two-day event, making it a perfect location for the purpose. Functional beverages will be served by Suja juice and powered by Ojai Energetics and headsets equipped with Brain.fm’s patented AI music engine. It is also equipped with Ojai Energetics’ cutting edge mood modulation stations. Attendees are sure to enjoy the future of health and wellness.

Guests will be entertained by Brain.fm’s AI music in a new and rejuvenating way on the second floor of the Ojai Energetics lobby lounge. This is all thanks to the Holistic Health Science Vibro Acoustic Therapy Device that upgrades the listening experience from auditory to physical. When relaxing on this lounge, you are sure to feel the music with every cell in your body. It’s is not only soothing, but also a therapeutic and a great way to “chill” during the course of the summit.

“We are excited to have Brain.fm functional music and Holistic Health Science Vibro Acoustic Lounge Chair and their effects on human behavior including focus, relax, sleep as part of the Ojai Energetics Mood Lounge. AI will touch almost all if not all industries and will help Ojai Energetics continue to innovate in our various divisions from our industrial with our energy storage technology to personalized healthcare to our breeding programs,” Kleidon retorted .

The #AIShowBiz Summit is going to be rounded off with a futurist panel which includes Kleidon. The night ends on the note of the strike of “May the Force be with You” Day. Kleidon is set to share his future insights and plans. He strongly believes that an appropriate use of technology balanced with natural systems and holistic design will allow for the provision of an abundant and equitable future for all life.