OneLogin and Cleanshelf Collaborate to Simplify SaaS Spend Optimization

A partnership contract between Cleanshelf and OneLogin was recently announced, which will help organizations and businesses to properly manage their SaaS licenses and subscriptions.

According to Dusan Omercevic, the CEO of CleanShelf company, “SaaS spend is already reaching $10,000 annually per employee, growing at a 25% CAGR. For this reason, companies need a solution to control the rising SaaS spend and to reduce 30% to 40% in wasted expenses due to a lack of proactive vendor management and account rationalization. We’re excited to join forces with OneLogin to continue helping companies with an easy-to-use and powerful SaaS spend optimization solution.”

The integration of this two companies will be an aid for their clients to fully monitor their cloud software information from the point to getting it to its full utilization and usage. The use of API by OneLogin fosters this integration to CleanShelf.

CleanShelf is a well-known optimization solution company that focuses on the use of SaaS. They assist companies to properly manage their cloud technology platform by monitoring the use of their SaaS licenses and subscription. They lead these companies into recognizing the unused, underused and even the unmanaged subscriptions.

This partnership with OneLogin has been recognized as a step in the right direction, even by their large base of clients, including Qumulo, Ellation and Drawbridge, among many others. The partnership is one that will encourage simplicity in client’s services, helping them to get the right SaaS tools that would not lead to redundancy.

Matt Hurley, who is the VP Global Channels, Strategic Alliances and Professional Services at OneLogin gives a statement on their behalf, he says, “OneLogin is thrilled to support partners developing innovative, API-built solutions that solve real-world challenges. We’re excited to partner with Cleanshelf to provide organizations with a more comprehensive view of their SaaS environment and actionable insights, leveraging OneLogin’s extensive catalog of prebuilt application integrations.”