Ooredoo Uses P.I. Works’ AI to Accelerate 5G Network Transformation

The Mobile World Conference for this year witnessed the announcement of Ooredoo Group that it is taking its network transformation in terms of the 5G network, across North Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East. This acceleration would be achieved with the Artificial Intelligence solutions from P.I works.

After recording massive success in the deployment of P.I Works’ Centralised Self-Organising Network (C-SON) solutions in Myanmar and Indonesia; a process that yielded great results in allowing for the optimization of network costs and efficiency within a short period, Ooredoo Group has extended the technology all through every operation.

Thanks to this roll-out, quite a bulk (hundreds of millions) of Ooredoo customers with their location in North Africa, South East Asia and Middle East are now enjoying a network connectivity and coverage, enhanced to a large extent, a better capacity enjoyed during mega-events, newly improved mobile apps and the chance of having innovations with respect to Internet of Things, which is 5G-based.

Particularly in Qatar, Ooredoo Group did a great job with P.I Works with the sole aim of automating its live 5G network, a move that would allow for 4G and 5G technologies to function together without disruptions. This sees to it that Ooredoo can put 5G to use all through the country, to champion experiences which are entirely new.

In the words of the Group Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo, Sheikh Saud Bin Nasser, “Thanks to our partnership with the artificial intelligence leader, P.I Works, our customers around the world will enjoy superior digital experiences. It is especially exciting that this network transformation accelerates 5G roll-out across our operations, spurring our operating companies’ digital transformation, supporting our vision of enriching people’s digital life and enabling customers to more fully enjoy the internet.”

Also, P.I Works CEO & Co-Founder said, “Ooredoo Group and P.I Works achieved a world first by using artificial intelligence and automation to unleash the full potential of Ooredoo’s entire network, including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. Our extensive deployment is helping Ooredoo to manage its growing mobile traffic, reduce network complexity and transform customer experiences.”

The whole world now looks forward to seeing the massive benefits of this move.