OpenStack's New Certification Program Helps IT Resumes Shine

Image Attribution: Flickr

Did you know that one of the most in-demand skills in cloud computing is OpenStack? There seems to be a shortage of qualified individuals that can help businesses build out their open source cloud. To make the pathway to becoming an OpenStack rock star just a tad more predictable, OpenStack has announced a new certification program for the popular private cloud suite.
The new certification is officially called the Certified OpenStack Administrator. OpenStack says that professionals who have at least 6 months experience doing day to day functions with the platform will be good candidates for the certification. OpenStack says that the certificates will be awarded in 2016.
OpenStack mentions in its press release that over dozens of training organizations all around the world in more than 10 countries are currently teaching OpenStack courseware. These courses could be converted into a certification, should the student want to take the test after they’ve received the training.
“This OpenStack professional certification program addresses the need for well-trained and highly qualified OpenStack administrators,” says Jonathan Bryce, the Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation.
“We expect COA certification to become a valuable credential that any hiring manager would want to see on the resume of viable candidate. Further, it is our hope that the OpenStack professional certification program will encourage new entrants into the OpenStack community and expand the talent pool within the industry,” Bryce adds.
The new certification was announced that the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo. The international event brings IT professionals, CIOs and other decision makers in technology under one roof.
These collaborative events help OpenStack inform its users of new features, while putting like minded people together in one room to discuss the open source cloud platform built for businesses.  Also happening at the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo, Mitaka, the 13th release of OpenStack, was announced to have a roll out date of April 2016.