OpenText Introduces Secure Messaging Products

OpenText has unveiled a new cloud messaging service that allows for the secure delivery of confidential information. The products are called Secure Mail and Secure Managed File Transfer. OpenText is calling this Secure MFT. OpenText stresses that the key components of these cloud services will increase productivity while improving collaboration across the enterprise. OpenText looks to shorten the handling time traditionally required to send out confidential memos and files.

Today’s technical landscape is rapidly changing and the need for data to moved quickly presents advantages on the business side but disadvantages to the technology administrator. Keeping this data inside of the secure cloud that OpenText facilitates alleviates the majority of security concerns. Traditional methods of moving information have become antiquated and their security features make it possible for the data to be intercepted. Secure methods of delivery require administrative overhead that could be costly to the organization. Overhead that companies have absorbed in the past include adding multiple levels of authentication and encrypting local resources such laptops and desktops. This old school method of may be compliant with industry standards, but it is certainly not easy to manage in a large, scaled out environment.
OpenText looks to simplify this process as more companies begin to adapt cloud technology as a means to deliver information securely. With Secure Mail and Secure MFT, enterprise users can access their confidential data on any device. The big selling point is that the OpenText platform disallows users to take the data out of the cloud. OpenText provides the medium for the data to be viewed while securing it simultaneously.
OpenText looks to become the standard bearer in secure cloud email and secure file transfer in the cloud. Initial reviews of OpenText’s new secure messaging products are positive. OpenText provides an API that allows this platform to be integrated into already existing services that administrators may already be delivering to their users. OpenText is a leader in the Enterprise Information Management sector and products like Secure Mail and Secure MFT only solidify their place in the market.