Operational-Data Driven IIoT may be the Future

The company responsible for the Lightapp application for energy and process optimization, have released a system that incorporates Industrial IoT (IIoT) data along with targeted services to clients. The app, termed Zira, intends to provide a framework for data integration between multiple IIoT devices. Zira’s most significant selling point is its integration tools. The tools allow companies running IoT devices from different manufacturers to standardize their data so it can be available to all users across the platform.

Generating Insights Through Data

The problem that Zira intends to solve is one that has existed in the industrial world since its inception. Thanks to modern technology, real-time insights are possible, but it requires the processing of massive amounts of data in an agile fashion. Zira takes this one step further with something called its data feed. Through the data feed, companies can get direct suggestions as to what they can be doing to improve their processes, as well as collaborate and communicate with other companies within the industry.

Zira also has a marketplace that interested clients can buy, bid, and interact, with suggestions all determined by the AI system. Zira’s market may be the first of its type, with the recommendations being driven wholly by operational data. While the system isn’t perfect, it makes the lives of those managers tasked with procurement and equipment maintenance a whole lot easier. The promises the team makes is impressive, but so far, they haven’t unveiled how the system works or what makes it run under the hood.

Industrial Procurement through AI

Zira’s boldest claim is that once the system is installed and completely integrated, then it can be automatically triggered by AI. The truth is that for any industrial process, there is no ultimate solution, even one as versatile and powerful as AI. It is likely to make it easier for managers in these departments to have a better grasp of what’s going on. The actionable insights the news feed provides may prove invaluable to companies that may be shopping around for new suppliers. Lightapp already boasts several Fortune 500 companies using the application, and the team hopes that some of them will transition to using Zira as well.