Optiv Security Score Second-Highest for Cybersecurity Incident Response Services in Independent Analyst Report

Optiv Security, a world class cybersecurity integrator, supplying end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, has been identified by Forrester Research, with the second highest score in the current offering class for cybersecurity incident response services.

Bill Young, Optiv’s vice president and general manager of advisory threat management spoke extensively on how today’s business decision makers are challenged with driving technology, business growth, and product, while being concurrently tasked with the duty of continuing cyber resilient programs that are ready to react, respond to, as well as recover from adverse events.

Hence, he chipped in the fact that Optiv is in a distinguished position in the industry to supply clients with insight (which is second to none), depth and breadth of services. Including engaging in the supply of a bench that spreads all through the complete ‘plan, build, run’ cybersecurity lifecycle.

Bill also mentioned that the company has its focus on helping clients to move from putting out fires to guarding against threat actor actions and fortifying their businesses.

 Optiv’s full suite of EIM services can be bought in structures in line with the business model of clients, hence helping organizations to:

Prepare – see gaps in incident management strategy, search for and identify hidden threats in their infrastructure, keep record of key personnel and escalation steps, validate and test response efforts for incidents and map out next steps to become more resilient.

Respond During and Post Incident – expose the actions of attackers, unravel the scope of a compromise in details, map out steps to remove active threats found in their environments, keep data loss at the barest minimum, and enhance security controls.

Maintain – Make sure they are in a constantly ready for unexpected incidents or attacks with Optiv experts who are ever available. Optiv’s security and malware professionals check out clients’ systems for compromise indication, signatures and attacks, organize analysis informed by a vast proprietary knowledge store of malicious code, and also supply ongoing expertise.