Oracle Buys Maxymiser to Beef Up Marketing Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

Oracle recently announced that it has bought Maxymiser, a marketing cloud tool that businesses can implement to help them reach more customers. No dollar amount has been officially announced for the acquisition, however, Oracle mentions in a blog post that the deal will close before the end of 2015. Oracle goes on to say that its acquisition of Maxymiser will combine the robust technology found in Oracle Marketing Cloud, which is one of the most powerful solutions for optimizing digital customer experiences.
With Maxymiser, businesses can test and find new clients by personalizing what a customer sees when they log in. With this level of personalization, organizations are able to target new verticals based on the customer that has logged in. Maxymiser is used to power over 20 billion customer experiences per month and is used by over 250 notable companies worldwide.
Maxymiser works on predictive technology. Combined with Oracle Marketing Cloud’s best in class data science technologies, it could help Oracle boost the adoption of its Cloud Marketing portfolio.
“Companies are increasingly seeking innovative ways to differentiate their brands while increasing both ROI and loyalty based on optimized customer experiences,” says Thomas Kurian, the President of Product Development at Oracle.
“Together with Maxymiser, Oracle Marketing Cloud enables enterprises to stop guessing and start delivering what customers want across all digital channels and devices,” added Kurian.
In comments provided by CEO Tim Brown, it seems as if Maxymiser‘s entire staff will be absorbed by Oracle, although that information is currently unconfirmed. In the blog post, Tim Brown mentioned, “We are excited to join Oracle and bring these capabilities to help extend Oracle Marketing Cloud.”
Brown also goes on to say, “Our mission is to empower enterprises to use data science to systematically test, discover, and predict what customers want and deliver uniquely tailored experiences.”