Oracle and OpenStack Can Change Cloud Business

In the past few years, Oracle has opened the war chest and made several billion dollar acquisitions in efforts to better position itself to win the battle of cloud services for businesses. Oracle’s focus on the cloud has naturally led the company to begin contributing to the OpenStack project. The goal is to have a scalable cloud platform that is completely compatible with the lineup of Oracle products. When you think about the complete line up of Oracle’s offerings, it makes sense that Oracle would chose to contribute to the OpenStack project as opposed to starting a new project all together.

Mark Collier, the COO of the OpenStack Foundation was quoted in Forbes as saying, “We look forward to innovative contributions from [Oracle’s] many domain experts, as we continue to pursue the vision of a common cloud management platform.”
Oracle could change the cloud simply by integrating Oracle Solaris into OpenStack.  This gives administrators the ability to implement the Oracle hypervisor and manage Oracle VMs. Oracle would allow for better compute resource management as well. Oracle Compute Cloud and OpenStack Nova would work flawlessly alongside each other and allow for a constant stream of computational power being available on demand. The processes can be used to launch virtual machines on the fly or a variety of any other data crunching tasks.
Once Oracle makes its footprint in the OpenStack project, businesses will be able to better use the programs that they already use much more quickly and with less technical overhead. This will also enables the opportunity for a business to save on IT infrastructure costs. Oracle looks to re-invent the Infrastructure as a Service model within corporate offices all across the world with their contribution. Oracle will also ensure that OpenStack is compatible with the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, Oracle ZS3 Series and Pillar Axiom storage systems, and StorageTek tape systems.