Oracle Provides Up To 1,000% Performance Increase for Cloud Network Infrastructure

Oracle has just announced its new Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) InfiniBand Fabric. The network function visualization (NFV) product helps businesses speed up data delivery by up to 1,000%.
By taking the software defined approach, Oracle says that their converged fabric can reach up to 100 GB/s. This rapid and robust networking standard is designed to give your organization an edge over the competition.
Businesses that must quickly react to the latest happenings within an environment will be the main beneficiaries of the Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) InfiniBand Fabric by Oracle.
The new EDR InfiniBand fabric gives businesses a performance boost over traditional Ethernet. Oracle claims that InfiniBand is 10x’s faster than traditional Ethernet and over 300% faster than previous versions of the InfiniBand technology. InfiniBand works by using a non-blocking, fat-tree network topology. This is designed to help make service deployment simple and easy.
Other benefits of using EDR InfiniBand by Oracle is the overall improved efficiency of your server farms. The new InfiniBand product has support for legacy InfiniBand, virtualized Ethernet and Fibre Channel.
Oracle gives administrators the ability to transparently deploy EDR InfiniBand without changing your applications or storage. Businesses can create multi-tenant isolation by using virtual private networks for added security.
“Oracle EDR InfiniBand Fabric provides a scalable and non-blocking, secure, open, and unified solution that virtualizes all network infrastructure for on-demand provisioning and orchestration without compromising performance,” mentions Raju Penumatcha, senior vice president, Netra Systems and Networking, Oracle.
The EDR InfiniBand Fabric by Oracle gives organizations several powerful security features that are baked directly into the platform. Businesses can utilize the built-in firewall, VPN and NAT policies to manage connections to and from your cloud services.
System administrators can also flip the switch on secure end point authentication as well as Oracle’s built-in key management system. This added layer of security means that users and applications won’t be able to connect to your system without the correct cryptography and decryption keys.
Oracle’s Networking portal provides additional details on the EDR InfiniBand lineup.