Oracle Service Cloud to Power VoltDelta's New WebRTC Client

Customer service applications have rapidly evolved over the past few years. WebRTC, which is short for Web Real Time Communications, is becoming a focal point for businesses looking to streamline support operations.
VoltDelta, a subsidiary of NewNet, has announced today that has implemented the Oracle Service Cloud in order to facilitate its new WebRTC customer support offering. This new solution will allow support agents and customers to talk to one another through a web browser, while also providing a video feed through the web browser so that customers and agents can easily interact without any additional software or plugins.
VoltDelta provides much more than video chat capabilities; VoltDelta can act as a call center control manager, allowing calls to be intelligently distributed to agents. Since this technology is delivered through a web browser, customer service inquiries can be routed to agents who work from home or within a call center office.
VoltDelta has also integrated into Oracle’s CRM, which gives customer support agents a complete rundown of customer’s profile. The CRM also gives agents a database of work related notes that allows them to find a resolution for the customer more quickly.
The Oracle Service Cloud is built to allow call and message handling. This gives agents the ability to preview their call queue and manage their workloads.
Paul Rutherford, CTO of VoltDelta mentions, “Oracle’s WebRTC session controller with Oracle Service Cloud is designed to deliver seamless Web-to-SIP network interoperability and enterprise-grade reliability and security.”
Rutherford adds, “VoltDelta’s integration with Oracle’s WebRTC resource and Service Cloud means that new forms of engaging multichannel contact over IP networks will offer customer care and cost saving benefits.”
VoltDelta says that its new offering built upon the Oracle Service Cloud can allow users of tablets, desktops, laptops and other mobile devices to begin performing call center duties, as soon as they login. In fact, all that an agent has to do is login and select “Ready.”