Oracle Social Cloud & Tickr Form Partnership to Enhance Data Visualization

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Is your business looking to make the most out of its social media campaigns? What if you could get real time, actionable analytics on the sentiment of your social media campaigns?
With the Oracle Social Cloud, businesses can manage and scale their social media relationships with clients throughout all of the various social media channels.
The Oracle Social Cloud features a built-in Social Relationship Management Platform. The Oracle Social Cloud offers businesses critical components such as:

  • Social Listening
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Publishing
  • Social Content
  • Social Apps
  • Social Analytics
  • Social Collaboration

Oracle Social Cloud is regarded as one of the top social media products for large businesses on the market today.
Tickr & Oracle have announced a strategic partnership in which Tickr will be able to provide real-time data about social media campaigns, directly to your marketing team through their browsers.
“With new cloud data platforms like Oracle, marketers can access the most up-to-date information available about customers, competition and the market. Until now, the ability to share this information at scale and in business context was limited to static and outdated reports distributed by email,” explains Tyler Peppel, the CEO and Founder of Tickr.
“Tickr provides real-time data, live in the browser, accessible to everyone on the marketing or agency team. Our relationship with Oracle Social Cloud helps connect every employee in the organization directly to their customers’ behaviors and attitudes, in real time,” Peppel added.
Whenever businesses are able to rapidly react to change, they can quickly adapt and formulate a response. The era of social media means that the sentiment of your entire customer base could hinge upon one upset customer.
With Oracle Social Cloud and Tickr, your public relations department will be able to get up-to-the-second social media updates on your business, giving your organization the ability to create campaigns on social media that help increase your organization’s bottom line.