Oracle’s “Cloud Odyssey”: A Short Film about Cloud Heroes

Tech giants such as Oracle want to show the world that they are serious about training the next generation of cloud engineers. If Oracle has its way, cloud engineers will now be known as “Cloud Heroes.” What better way to brand this term than to produce a short 20 minute film that uses Star Wars-like CGI animations?

‘Cloud Odyssey: A Hero’s Quest’ is currently available on YouTube as a trailer found below, and it unclear if Oracle will release this film’s full version for everyone to watch.  However, the film is set to premier in North America on March 5th 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the Cloud Odyssey website, the movie will be played in 14 American cities in conjunction with Oracle meetings.
The film underscores the need for more Cloud Heroes in today’s datacenters. Research shows that the cloud is advancing much more rapidly than traditional educational resources. The US federal government has put much of their cloud projects on hold. You would think that this would be a result of lack of funding. Wrong! The US government can’t seem to find enough qualified “Cloud Heroes” to help carry out their private cloud ambitions.

Enter Oracle and their light hearted take on recruiting “Cloud Heroes.” This short film is designed to get more people motivated about Oracle products. Oracle is going all-in on the cloud because Oracle understands the steps it needs to take in order to stay relevant in an ever changing information technology world. When Oracle purchased Java, they looked to be the one company that could code an application that could be run on any platform. Since the introduction of the cloud, the programming language now matters less because cloud apps can be run on any platform.

Oracle’s Cloud Odyssey film will surely spark the interest of associates interested in utilizing Oracle cloud products. Since Oracle is going up against the likes of SalesForce and others in the SaaS market, you can look forward to Oracle releasing more media which will help differentiate itself from other cloud providers.