Ormuco Launches Hybrid Cloud Solution for Middle Market and Large Enterprise Organizations

Image Attribution: Flickr

Managed services provider Ormuco has entered the cloud market with a hybrid solution called the Connected Cloud, aimed to service middle market and large enterprise businesses. The hybrid solution, based on HP Helion Openstack architecture, was developed to provide organizations with seamless migration between private and public cloud environments as well as enhanced workload portability across the globe through the HP Helion Network.
Ormuco has worked heavily with organizations such as video game companies, which face complex development and deployment needs. The new cloud offering is expected to allow businesses such as development companies, enterprise organizations, resellers, and independent software vendors to quickly initiate a hybrid cloud environment that easily transitions from a private to a public cloud on a scalable, pay-as-you-go basis that saves on both time and costs.
“Ormuco is entering the cloud services market since there is a vital need for a hybrid cloud solution with streamlined functionality for enterprise customers,” said Ormuco CEO Orlando Bayter. “HP Helion OpenStack and Ormuco’s new data centers enable us to create environments that focus on service delivery regardless of the underlying infrastructure.”
Ormuco, headquartered in Montreal, launched the Connected Cloud with data centers in Dallas, Texas; Sunnyvale, California; and Montréal, Quebec; providing geographic dispersion for full data center redundancy across North America. The company plans to continue its growth through 2015 with data centers in New York City, Seattle, London and Frankfurt to serve hubs near key technology and financial markets as well as expand its reach throughout Europe. Ormuco also plans to establish data centers in the Saudi Arabia/UAE region, Japan, and Sydney for increased global coverage and scope.
As a member of the HP Helion Network, Ormuco also provides Connected Cloud users with instant access to workload portability through data centers managed by ecosystem members beyond Ormuco’s own network. The extended reach of HP’s federated network will provide solutions that aim to transform the way organizations currently approach IT service provisioning, with open platforms providing an even more competitive landscape for enterprise cloud solutions.
The Connected Cloud enables businesses to develop, test and deploy new applications much more quickly and accurately with a truly hybrid offering. Ormuco provides clients with a solution that allows them to manage and configure their infrastructures and services in only minutes, with all the security of a private cloud for critical services combined with rapid scalability to meet heavy workload demands for public deployments.
Utilizing the HP Helion Network and Helion Openstack to develop the Connected Cloud, Ormuco has offered a new solution in the cloud market that is immediately competitive against much larger service providers while staying open and vendor-neutral for the benefit of its clients.
Ormuco was established in 2008 by Orlando Bayter to offer a range of solutions and services that streamline day-to-day business operations with improved time-to-market productivity and reduced associated IT costs. The managed services provider currently works with 5 of the top 10 gaming companies, has on-going projects on five continents and supports over 3 million users through its IT services.