PaaS Provider dotCloud Will Cease Operations at the End of February

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Back in 2014, dotCloud was the PaaS arm of the Docker project. When Docker split away from dotCloud, a German hosting company purchased the remnants of the popular PaaS provider.
According to an email received by dotCloud members late last week, dotCloud’s parent company has filed for bankruptcy.
As a result, dotCloud users must quickly move their projects to another PaaS provider by February 29th 2016.
The hard deadline was given by dotCloud’s CEO Philipp Strube via email. The unexpected email left diehard dotCloud users searching for corroboration online.
Although dotCloud hasn’t made any official posts on their blog about going out of business, a Reddit thread found in the webdev subreddit shows that multiple users have been informed of dotCloud’s closure.
“Due to this, dotCloud will be shutdown on February 29, 2016. To avoid service disruption of your apps hosted on dotCloud or prevent data loss, you are required to migrate your applications. To keep the migration effort for you as low as possible, we recommend migrating to Heroku,” writes Philipp Strube, the dotCloud CEO in an email.
The final quarters of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 have shown us one thing: Many cloud providers are consolidating or going bust.
Even big name provider’s aren’t immune to this. HPE has shut down its fluttering Helion Cloud platform while Square Enix nixed its plans to provide a cloud based video game system to end users around the world.
While dotCloud is asking users to move to SalesForce’s Heroku, other users of dotCloud’s service have discovered their own migration plans. One user says that he plans on using OpenShift, which is a service provided by Red Hat that allows developers to host and deploy apps rapidly using containerization.