Palo Alto networks release Autofocus for cyber threat intelligence

Image Attribution: Flickr

Palo Alto Networks has released their newest product called AutoFocus. The software is designed to give organizations actionable information surrounding the security threats within their enterprise. Palo Alto Networks bills AutoFocus as a cyber security intelligence service, giving organizations detailed information on cyber attacks.

How Does AutoFocus Work?
The AutoFocus service relies on billions of data points relating to file analysis. These data points have been gathered from over 5,000 global enterprises. Palo Alto Networks says that it uses data gathered from enterprises that are routinely targeted by sophisticated attacks. AutoFocus monitors your systems and provides actionable information to security analysts who are tasked with forming a defense to cyber attacks.

Actionable Intelligence
The difference between Palo Alto’s AutoFocus product and other products on the market is the actionable intelligence that AutoFocus provides. AutoFocus says that it can help detect the latest tactics used by hackers.

AutoFocus can also help an organization attribute a cyber attack to a specific adversary while providing information on how the specific attack may fit into a larger campaign. Many hackers resort to building customized malware with the intentions of evading detection.  AutoFocus helps you sniff out these specialized attacks as well as commodity malware based attacks.

“The Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus threat intelligence service enables security teams to significantly close the gap on the time it takes to identify and prevent advanced, targeted cyber attacks,” says Lee Klarich, SVP of Product Management at Palo Alto Networks.

“By putting cyber threats in a context that speaks specifically to their network and industry, using the largest data set aggregated across customers and industries, we are helping customers around the world take a more strategic approach to securing their organizations,” Klarich added.
Knowing the who, what and why’s surrounding the attacks on your cloud can help administrators take immediate action to protect company data. AutoFocus can deliver priority alerts that contain the context of the attack. Other products on the market simply tell you if you’re infected while providing a wizard that helps clean up the infection.

Palo Alto Network’s AutoFocus takes it a step further and gives administrators that instant analysis they need in order to gain an upper hand against cyber attacks. Palo Alto Networks says that a select group of its customers will be able to utilize the software in April 2015, with a public release coming short thereafter.