Papaly Reinvents Bookmarks By Storing Them in the Cloud

Image Attribution: Flickr

Papaly is a new cloud service that takes your bookmarks and puts them in the cloud. Papaly works on by allowing users to login to a website that gives them the ability to save and organizize their favorite bookmarks.
While many browsers have a bookmarks tab that end users typically use, what happens to all of those bookmarks when you login to a friend’s computer? Sure, you could begin to type out the URLs and search Google for your content. That takes time. Papaly lets you keep all of your bookmarks in the cloud. That way, you can retrieve them from any computer or mobile device.
Papaly’s Chrome Extension
For those who do enjoy the experience of using their browser to save their bookmarks, Papaly has provided a Chrome extension that can be downloaded and installed in your Chrome browser. This feature and functionality lets you import your bookmarks into any Chrome browser. If you went on vacation and had to use a computer other than your own, it could be helpful to natively import these bookmarks directly into your browser in order to increase your own personal productivity.
Papaly’s Website
Papaly’s website is clean and organized. At first glance, it seems as if you have a pretty easy method of navigating the bookmarks you use the most. While services such as delicious first innovated bookmarking links on a website, Papaly builds upon those ideas by letting you create advanced views that will increase your productivity. Papaly also tells you what you’ve recently visited. This allows you to go back and forth to pages with content you might need rapidly and effectively.
Apps for Mobile
Papaly has mobile apps for both iOS and Android. This allows you to take your bookmarks with your mobile device as well as any Chrome web browser. Papaly does not need to have Chrome installed on your mobile device to work.  Papaly it has its own app and it will work with the browser of your choice. Papaly’s website has more details about its mobile apps and cloud bookmarking service.