Parallels Buys Virtualization Leader 2X Software

Image Attribution: Flickr

Parallels has announced that they have acquired 2X Software. Parallels is considered one of the major players in virtualization as the company specializes in providing cross platform solutions for a variety of different vendors. Parallels has established itself as a leader within specific niches of the web hosting, cloud and automation sectors.
The acquisition of 2X software should bolster Parallels’ offerings as 2X Software is known for their flagship product called 2X Remote Application Server. Many industry experts consider 2X Software an alternative to Citrix products. With the 2X Remote Application Server, enterprises can provide virtual desktop and virtual application delivery to almost any type of modern device including smartphones and tablets. 2X Software also has a Mobile Device Management product that gives organizations the ability to virtualize enterprise applications and make them available on end user’s mobile devices.
Parallels President Jack Zubarev says, “Parallels mission is to provide the best technology and experience for businesses, employees and individuals to access and use any applications and files on any device, anywhere, anytime.” Zubarev mentions, “We see huge synergies with Parallels Access and Parallels Desktop products and are excited about the potential 2X solutions brings to us. We also welcome 2X’s experienced and talented team of engineers and employees who will join us to continue creating the best cross-platform software solutions.”
2X Software says that its Remote Application Server offering can be installed in an enterprise environment in about 30 minutes. To configure the suite and have it deployable, the solution can be ready within a couple hours. 2X mentions that its competitors solutions can sometimes take weeks or months to setup.
Terms of the deal have not been made public. In the press release, Parallels mentions that 2X’s products will compliment Parallels line up of cross platform solutions. The release goes on to detail Parallels’ line up of products for Mac; products such as Parallels Desktop for Mac could in theory be combined with 2X’s offerings to allow Macs to run Windows based enterprise apps remotely.