Partnership Deal Between Avery Designs and Marquee Semiconductors Helps Enhance Platform

Reports from the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Avery Design organization known as Chris Browy states that, “We are excited to partner with Marquee to strengthen our sales and support delivery for our mutual customers. Marquee can work with customers on one or multiple levels to deliver the right SOC solutions from product sales and support of design IP and verification IP to complete SOC architecture and implementation engineering services. Tailoring the right technology and services brings the best value proposition for our customers.”

Details of this new collaboration between Avery Design and Marquee Semiconductors was designed such that Marquee will be in charge of providing sales and support to all of Avery’s designed products which are supplied to their end customers, specifically those based in the India market. They will also make use of their already existing solutions platform known as the Marquee’s DIME differentiated solutions to fully activate Avery’s product line in the SoC engineering services niche. With a focus on these, Marquee will combine specific tools such as; methodology, flow tools, specific platform IPs and infrastructure, and also specific domain expertise and a working ecosystem in ensuring the effectiveness of this plan. 

“Avery Design is a leader in providing verification IP and verification specific tools to the industry. We are pleased to partner with Avery Design to sell, support and provide solutions around Avery’s VIPs and tools in India. It is an important milestone for the company to stay on the top of upcoming standards and protocols in the industry.” says Purna Mohanty, CEO, Marquee Semiconductor Inc. “The partnership is an investment into the future, and truly strengthens both companies’ mission in bringing in innovative and differentiated SoC solutions to the market.”