Partnership Deal Between Info Tech and OMES Construction To Aid Better Service Delivery

Info Tech is a known global supplier of solutions in infrastructure construction software solutions. The company majors on two modes of business which are the Info Tech Systems and the Info Tech Consulting. These two cores both serve as a way of ensuring quality service delivery to their clients in their different ways; the Info Tech Systems provides its solutions with the use of automated infrastructure construction management and internet bidding solutions while the Info Tech Consulting provides its solution through the use of expert consulting services and support.

As such, the recent partnership between these two organization can be marked as a major milestone for them since it means a major expansion for their Bid Express and also vertical construction procurement. Will McClave, President of Systems at Info Tech said, “We have been diligently working with agencies and contractors across Oklahoma to understand their needs and priorities in electronic bidding on projects beyond road and bridge construction. We are excited to see the many benefits of Bid Express expand to vertical construction throughout the state.”

This contract agreement is one that is considered standard statewide and will help agencies to upgrade their bidding operations from manual biddings to online biddings. Things to be benefited from this partnership includes; less paperwork involved, enhanced bid processing for agencies, safe submission of bids, electronic bid bond validation, early notification of incoming bids, error- checks and omission alerts.

According to the Central Operations Manager of OMES Construction and Properties, Kelly Thompson, “We are already seeing benefits of an online solicitation process. By implementing online bidding, we have been able to take a major step forward in achieving our Digital Transformation goals. Bid Express has streamline our pre-existing manual bidding processes and created departmental efficiencies.”