Peak Acquires Additional Venture Capital for Cloud

Peak isn’t a public cloud provider that gets too much press. Although the company is shadowed by cloud giants such as Amazon and Microsoft, Peak has been carving out a nice piece of the public cloud market and no one has seemed to realize it. Peak has recently received a $4M investment from Sweetwater Capital and Meritage Funds. Peak plans on using this money to build out additional infrastructure, enhance business relationships and acquire new customers.

Peak is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and the company has been around since 2006. Since then, the company has expanded all over the USA and Peak even has a data-center in London, England. Peak is like a supply chain specialist in the cloud computing world. Other organizations will white label Peak’s services and bundle them alongside their own solutions. Specialty companies have thrived off of this relationship because they aren’t just getting a public cloud solution; these companies are getting a full service solution that is tailored to their specific needs.
Servers inside of Peak’s cloud operate similarly to servers that use the Facebook Open Compute Project. These servers are then loaded with solid state drives, therefore the computing experience for the users is speedy and responsive. Using solid state drives also takes much of the guesswork out of diagnosing a potential hardware failure while providing more overall stability.
This business model has seemed to work for Peak as they continue to build and grow their organization. Peak’s corporate website shows off the cutting edge technology that they use in their data-centers, and their clients list has some pretty prestigious names. Peak’s website says that they have either partnered or have a special relationship with cloud companies such as Avnet Cloud Solutions, Comstor, Mountain States Networking, NYI, and Sayers. Peak may never be the size of Amazon and it’s not clear if Peak wants to emulate Amazon Web Services. CEO Luke Norris says that Peak has “seen over 430% growth over the past two years.” If that trend continues, expect Peak to begin showing up in the news headlines more often.