Peak Rebrands as Faction

Peak has changed its name to Faction to help differentiate itself from other providers. Peak may have been commonly confused with a company called Peak 10, which is a colocation and cloud provider. To make matters even more confusing, Peak was also once known as PeakColo. As cloud services began to catch on, Peak dropped the word colo from its title and began focusing more on cloud solutions.
Faction builds white label solutions for value added resellers using its innovative cloud platform. On Faction’s website, the company mentions that they provide all of the training and materials needed for a reseller to get started with no upfront initial investment.  On Faction’s websites, the company boldly proclaims that Faction only makes money when you make money.
CEO Luke Norris commented on the name change saying, “The Faction name is a perfect representation of our beliefs. Together our company’s members represent a unique breed of IaaS cloud thought leaders and engineers who believe there is a better way to deliver cloud. We banded together for the pursuit of giving our customers and partners control, not compromise.”
Customers of the Faction Cloud possess complete creative control over their entire cloud infrastructure. Faction didn’t like the traditional IaaS approach of giving you small, medium and large sized compute instances. Faction says that its clients can be as picky as they when selecting IaaS features and functionality. Faction can deliver custom provisioned virtual machines and storage services, on your terms!
Using cloud blocs, as Faction calls them, users are permitted to add storage, re-size storage or convert to private. Faction’s press release mentions that blocs can even be resold. Inside the Faction Cloud, organizations can allocate additional compute instances as well. The Faction Cloud also features a 100% uptime service level agreement.
Faction’s website describes its business model as one that caters directly to value added resellers. One of Faction’s promises is to never compete with its channel partners. Faction is merely a provider and its business model relies on channel partners to sell Faction’s cloud solution under the customer’s own private brand.