Perion Makes Undertone’s Digital Advertisement Solution Even Better by Acquiring ‘Captain Growth’

Perion Ltd started up the new month with the news of their acquisition of Sept Communications LLC, also commonly called “Captain Growth”. This acquisition was in a bid to complement Undertone, a well -known leader in cross-platform Synchronized Digital Branding which is known for their great working relationship with the world’s best brands.
Captain Growth is a startup based in Ukraine which has succeeded in developing a propriety AI platform to work on connecting and delivering campaign messages that work through the entire ad journey.
In 2017, Captain Growth was launched, with the goal of substituting current Artificial Intelligence systems—“black boxes” which render almost no transparency, no user control functionality and no ability to find and scale the most valuable ad units –with the system of the next generation in perspective.
All these are the problems that Captain Growth addresses, which ingests and also critically analyzes ad performance data including results by segments, creative and budget and in addition, delivers “Value Unlock” recommendations which users have a chance to either accept or reject. If accepted, the recommendations are usually applied immediately and automatically.
This new integration of Captain Growth’s AI abilities into Undertone will also allow for a better level of cross-channel intelligence or synchronization, since the campaigns that have to do with Undertone will be optimized on the basis of precision placement, for which AI calculations will be a major driver.
“The level of AI sophistication that Captain Growth brings to Undertone represents an important step in executing our strategic vision and plan. With Captain Growth’s proprietary ‘Value Unlock’ technology, our synchronization will now give brands the critical ability to benefit from putting the best-performing units in front of the right users at the right time – for unprecedented cross-channel engagement.” said Doron Gerstel, CEO of Perion.
In the words of Mr. Dmytro Plieshakov and Mr. Dmytro Bilash, co-founders of Captain Growth, “We couldn’t think of a better home for Captain Growth than Undertone, and better partners than Mr. Gerstel and his team. We believe that the integration of our platform into Undertone will deliver unprecedented growth opportunities to brands who are focused on both deep relationships with users, and key performance drivers.”