Pertino Offers Software Defined Networking for Small Businesses

Pertino is a start-up that focuses on SDN, better known as Software Defined Networking, without the need to introduce special hardware or infrastructure. With this model, small to medium sized businesses who would have traditionally had to hire onsite staff and even contractors to come in and setup equipment have been made obsolete. With Software Defined Networking, businesses can launch virtual private networks or setup wide area networks with a few clicks of the mouse. Pertino offers its applications in the same manner as Google or Apple do with their own AppScape software which allows clients to use network tools such as GeoView. GeoView maps out your network in real time. Additional tools will be released within AppScape within a few weeks.

The problem that small businesses encounter when trying to setup these types of sophisticated networking options is overhead and expertise. Pertino fixes both of those problems. Pertino sells its services starting at only $29 per month which will allow a small business to have up to 10 devices using this model. If small businesses were to setup these types of infrastructures in the traditional sense, the cost could sky rocket and potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars including man hours needed to navigate the project.
The Pertino Cloud Network Engine allows companies to grow their network infrastructure without limits. When companies need more services, they can simply request additional resources. Plans can be upgraded as the need arises. Pertino is ahead of the curve because one of the biggest upcoming trends in cloud technology is the virtualization of network infrastructure. When there aren’t devices that are physically interconnecting, it can make administration of these services much simpler. Virtualization of these services also makes security and packet inspection easier as well.  All of these services should be available in the first quarter of 2014.