PinnacleCare Gains HITRUST CSF Certification: Mitigates Risk, Enhances Security Posture, and has Compliance Requirements

PinnacleCare, the premier health advisory firm, today revealed its general control system for the Health Advisor Services (Membership Services) as well as PinnacleCare Connection (group Benefits Services) to end users, created on the InforCRM infrastructure, have achieved the “Certified” status for information security by HITRUST.

HITRUST CSF Certified status showcases the fact that the organization’s general control system for the Health Advisor Services (Membership Services) and PinnacleCare Connection (group Benefits Services) to end users built on the InforCRM infrastructure have reached the crucial regulatory requirements and industry-defined requirements and is also effectively managing risk. This achievement sets PinnacleCare within an elite group of organizations worldwide who have also earned this certification. By adding federal and state regulations, standards and frameworks, as well as  incorporating a risk-based approach, the HITRUST CSF assists organizations in their quest to address these challenges via an understandable and adjustable framework of scalable and prescriptive security controls.

Jim Mead, CEO, PinnacleCare said in a speech that the security and integrity of their client’s data is extremely essential to PinnacleCare. Jim also talked of how they pursued HITRUST Certification in a bid to showcase their commitment to the highest security standards, and said that they were incredibly proud to be known for this elite designation.

Ken Vander Wal, Chief Compliance Officer, HITRUST also said that HITRUST has been working with the industry to ensure the appropriate information protection requirements are reached any time sensitive information is either accessed or stored in a cloud environment. Merely by taking the steps required to get the HITRUST CSF Certified status, PinnacleCare is now regarded as an organization that people can count on for safe-keeping of information.