Pipedrive Initiates New User-Rated Focused CRM Software

Pipedrive is fully pleased to announce to the general public its recent additions to its CRM software that is #1 user-rated. These new features include a sales assistant that is operated by Artificial Intelligence; this helps to acquire information of various ongoing sales and deals; after which it then incites the sales people to take the most advantageous step to promote their deals sales.

Another new feature of this assistant is the improvement on its previous interface to become a fully adaptable user’s interface which gives room for preferred customization of their deals view to suit their preference and also aid the monitoring of the sales. This new user’s interface also enables monitoring of these deals from a higher managerial level in order to ensure more revenue growth.

Generally, these features are targeted at assisting salespeople in fully actualizing their sales goals by directing them to take more profitable steps and action on deals that have been found to be more promising through the data analysis backup.

This new AI CRM software, in essence, helps salespeople to save time by focusing on the more likely prospects. Sales managers are also not excluded from its benefits as they get more insights into how well their sales team performance are faring.

Ben Dickie, a director at the info-tech research group encourages this recent development by Pipedrive by confirming that the use of Artificial Intelligence in the area of customer experience space is a major investment. He also confirms that this new AI software will help move sales decisions from ‘feeling instincts’ to actual concrete data-backed insight.

At Pipedrive, there is a continuous improvement in all of its plan, with a focus on value to the sales team becoming more efficient at delivering services to its customers. The Pipedrive Academy is a recently launched online training platform that helps improve the skills of sales professionals through various online video courses.