Pixeom to Release 'In-Hand' Personal Cloud

Pixeom is a startup who wants to revolutionize the personal cloud by taking the data center out of the equation. That’s the sales pitch that Pixeom is using and the company aims to jump aboard the cloud bandwagon by releasing what some have dubbed “Cloud-In-A-Box.” Pixeom says that growing privacy concerns are among the main factors as to why many people shy away from using the cloud. With government snooping revelations surfacing by whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden, it makes sense that consumers and businesses are wary of using public cloud services.

Pixeom looks to ease privacy concerns by essentially giving consumers a scaled down version of a private cloud for themselves. Pixeom is offering their cloud ‘in the palm of your hand’ solution on their Kickstarter page for only $99. This allows you to invest early in the technology. If the Kickstarter is successful, they plan on selling these devices for a MSRP of $125. What does this personal cloud solution actually do?
Pixeom’s personal cloud allows you to exchange files, setup your own social networking website and operate an ecommerce site without having to utilize the public cloud. In fact, the device requires that you plug in an Ethernet cord into the port and all you have to do is configure the services you’d like to use.  It is possible to configure and administer this personal cloud from a mobile app.
Pixeom realizes that they aren’t doing anything that hasn’t been done before. The company just strives to be a more secure, more trusted solution than the personal cloud solutions that currently exist. This personal cloud encrypts all of its data using the AES-256 encryption methodology. The device was just premiered at ShowStoppers which is a satellite event to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The device is built using Raspberry Pi which is a single board, all in one computer. Currently the Kickstarter page for Pixeom is at about 50% of its $50,000 goal with around 100 backers.