PizzaHut USA to Employ the Use of Medallia as New Customer Experience Platform Provider

PizzaHut is a known global food chain supplier that is in the food and consumption industry. The organization is know for its constant focus on ensuring that its consumers are provided with the best quality experience possible. As such, it therefore came as no much surprise when the recent announcement of its new business deal with Medallia was released.

According to the Vice President of customer experience at PizzaHut USA, Paul Brandt, “We’re obsessed with delivering an experience for our customers where they feel happy, valued and cared for. By partnering with Medallia and using their world-class Experience Management platform, our teams will be better equipped than ever to deliver on this promise.”

This partnership deal is one that was strategically positioned as a strong indication for effectively driving the company’s customer experience and strategies and initiatives. This will serve as a means of determining customer experience insights that leads to intelligent actions by the organization.

PizzaHut, as a leading organization in the quick service restaurant space will help customers to re- create their experience at every contact with the brand. This, it will do by fully utilizing the Medallia’s solutions platform to creating this experience.

“We are excited to see a major brand like Pizza Hut driving innovation to deliver a world-class experience by engaging customers and employees in real-time,” said Susan Lubbers, general manager, restaurant and foodservice vertical for Medallia.

Medallia is known as one of the leading and foremost organizations in the Experience Management Industry. They make use of various technology tools in achieving their goals and they have recorded a great success rate at this. Some of the tools that are fully utilized by them include; artificial intelligence tools, digital and IoT interaction platforms, and also specific experience signals. Their award winning cloud platform is one that has fully taken over the industry, serving as an effective solutions means of getting results.