Planetart Increases Its Personalized Products Platform

PlanetArt is one of highly ranked and fast growing company that specializes in the print-on demand and per.  As a leading technology platform in this product industry, PlanetArt provides its clients with a chance to design their own client preference personalized products, like holiday cards or artworks generally, which will still maintain the professional taste to it. With PlanetArt, customers get access to various tool and contents type that aid them in creating their finished personalized products.

Personal creations is a new gifts dimension platform which was acquired as a new complement to the pre-existing gifts component platform of the company. Roger Bloxberg, who is PlanetArt’s CEO and co-founder reports that this expansion is a move to transport the company into the rank of the world class team as the new creations has an history of invention and is also classified as an ecommerce leader in this niche of personalized gifts products. The new addition is regarded as the perfect match to suit the already existing PlanetArt ecosystem.

The acquisition of personal creations from the FTD company was made with payments of about $18.1 million cash, asides the other side payments. This was made possible as a result if the current restructuring going on in the FTD companies which is being supervised by court.

Personal creations has a range of catalog that is quite vast, from home products such as kitchenware’s to personal products such as accessories, the product is a platform that can satisfy any individual. This helps increasing the client base of the PlanetArt business, thereby increasing revenue generation. Customers’ experience is also highly valued in delivering of this new business proposition to the clients.

FTD are assured that the personal creations will thrive under the management of its new owners and as such are not worried about the continuity of the creation’s vision. Alongside this acquisition comes specialized gifting staffs who will help with the proper functioning of the new creation such as it designing, sales and general operations.