Plasma and Texas Instruments Announce IoT Partnership

Plasma has emerged as a leader in IoT innovation. Plasma has created a platform called C2M which provides people, businesses or entire organizations with the ability to deploy IoT and perform meaningful tasks with the data gathered from the sensors.
For example, with Plasma, you could connect an IoT sensor with a social media account, therefore providing live updates on a specific event to an interested party.
That’s a pretty basic example, however, the same idea can be implemented all throughout the IoT platform which can help spur in-house innovation.
Texas Instruments is known as one of the leaders in semiconductor technology. IoT has become a point of interest with TI and their latest partnership with Plasma reaffirms TI’s commitment to IoT.
Both TI and Plasma gained recognition for their IoT innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier in the year.
“We are excited about the partnership,” mentions Mahesh Ramu, Vice President of IoT Strategy and Operations at Plasma.
“The combined capabilities of Plasma and Texas Instruments enable our customers to bring world class IoT solutions to the market rapidly, and at a low cost,” Ramu added.
The partnership with TI could bolster Plasma’s C2M platform into becoming one of the most recognizable IoT platforms on the market.
TI has a portfolio of over 100,000 customers. Plasma’s C2M platform could be used to power smart cities, fuel health care innovation, improve agriculture and provide environmental sensing.
The partnership between the two will streamline Time to Market for those interested in implementing this technology. The partnership between TI and Plasma may also help reduce costs in building an IoT infrastructure.
The Plasma C2M platform promotes easy cross-connection of products into the cloud, which gives organizations the ability to rapidly store and process Big Data.