PMC Acquire Lanxess’ Organotin Specialties Business

LANXESS is a known organization in the specialty chemicals companies. The company helps with all the production processes involved in making chemicals and plastics such as development, manufacturing and marketing of necessary chemical intermediates. Thd organization has an employee base of about 15,500 employees in over 30 countries of the world and recorded an average sale of about EUR 7.2billion in 2018

This acquisition transaction includes Lanxess’ global organotin catalyst, organotin specialties and also their intermediate product lines. As such, the agreement includes a full toll manufacturing onww in which Lanxess will continue its prior manufacturing processes of certain products even after ita acquisition. The agreement will be fully closed at PMC’s organometallics manufacturing facility located at Bergkamen, Germany.

According to Mr. Debtosh Chakrabarti, President of PMC, “This acquisition represents PMC’s continuing commitment to the organotin industry and is synergistic to our existing organometallics and catalyst businesses. We believe that the customer base of the Business as well as all of PMC’s customers will benefit significantly from combining the technology base and experience of the organometallics business with PMC’s global supply chain, technology and manufacturing capabilities and focus on innovative solutions and technical service in this industry.”

The PMC group is a known U.S based organization that is committed to providing its clients with innovative solutions in the broad range end market dedicated to innovative solutions to every need in a broad range of end markets including, plastics, consumer products, electronics, coatings, packaging, mining, personal care, food, automotive and pharmaceutical. These solutions are targeted at growth oriented, diversified, global chemicals and pharmaceuticals company.