Polaris Releases Desktop Version of Popular Cloud Office Suite

Polaris Office has just announced that they have released a desktop version of their popular cloud office suite. Polaris is more popularly known as a mobile app, however, the South Korean company has just expanded its offerings to provide a desktop version of the popular cloud collaboration suite for both single users and enterprises alike.
Polaris Office calls itself a “Barrier free” office solution that has the ability to use the cloud to provide up to the second updates of documents that you and your coworkers are collaborating upon. On top of that, Polaris easily integrates into the cloud storage solutions that your business is already using. This includes DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and more.
Polaris gives businesses the ability to open, edit and create documents in the popular Microsoft Office formats. In addition, businesses can also create, edit and view PDF documents and share the documents using your organization’s cloud service of choice. Since Polaris has its roots in the mobile world, businesses are empowered by being able to take their documents from desktop to mobile devices without any friction.
“Our cloud-based productivity suite is a disruptive solution that goes beyond the current offerings in the U.S., giving users a truly barrier-free, cost-effective option to access their favorite tools in one place,” says Kwak Min-cheol, CEO and Founder of Infraware, the parent company of Polaris Office.
“The U.S. office software marketplace has long needed a challenger that offers both powerful functionality and cloud flexibility, and we’re excited to be able to offer that,” Min-cheol goes on to say.
Polaris Office is rapidly gaining a large, worldwide audience.
In fact, since 2014, Polaris Office has netted over 37M customers. Polaris Office is an alternative to popular office collaboration suites such as Office 365.
Best of all, the Polaris Office website says that licenses for desktop and mobile versions can be acquired free, with premium versions costing between $3.99 and $5.99 per month.