PolicyPak Uses Cloud to Configure your Applications

PolicyPak specializes in helping organizations configure their desktops and applications using remotely delivered Group Policy settings. PolicyPak has just announced that they have released a major update to its flagship product called PolicyPak Suite (Cloud Edition). The update gives systems administrators and MSPs the ability to apply group policies over the internet, even if the machine is not joined to your domain controller.
There is an on-premises version of this suite that is simply called PolicyPak. Within the cloud edition of PolicyPak, administrators will be able use the same tools that they can use in the on-premises version. These features include:

  • PolicyPak Application Manager – Delivers app settings to an end users machine that overrides their current settings.
  • PolicyPak Preferences Manager – Manages and enforces Group Policy settings
  • PolicyPak Admin Templates – Rapidly deploy common Group Policy templates across your network
  • PolicyPak Security Settings Manager – Designed to deploy up to 13 different sets of security configurations

The biggest selling point for PolicyPak Cloud is the ability to deploy settings to machines that aren’t joined to your domain. In most enterprise environments, the active directory controller also delivers Group Policies. With PolicyPak Cloud, Group Policies are delivered using the internet. Being able to leverage the internet to deploy GPOs could have certain unrealized advantages for organizations looking to implement BYOD or VDI deployments.
Since PolicyPak Cloud delivers group policies over the internet, the suite ensures that all configurations will continue to be enforced and remediated, even if the client goes offline. This powerful feature allows organizations to exert maximum control over their assets while limiting the abilities of an end user to reconfigure the system in a manner that may be unsupported.
Jeremy Moskowitz, the founder of PolicyPak, was quoted in a press release saying, “PolicyPak Cloud Suite breaks the final barrier to complete application configuration management: remote or non-domain-joined machines.” PolicyPak Cloud is sold on a licensing model with a free trial of the service being available to those who would like to become early adopters.