Polyverse Supports Efforts to Democratize Cybersecurity Data with cveapi.com

Polyverse Corporation, a market leader in cybersecurity using Moving Target Defense (MTD) technologies to shield enterprise organizations and governments from cyberattacks just announced that it is not only supporting, but also promoting cveapi.com.

cveapi.com is an online resource that allows the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) database to become more accessible to the open source community.

Receiving backing from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the CVE database is the basic repository for all publicly known cybersecurity exploits and vulnerabilities. Cveapi.com has made provision for the complete CVE database to be available in a more streamlined and simpler version, allowing ease in the process of searching out and analyzing data by open source community members. It also provides a more convenient access to information on cybersecurity.

In the words of Polyverse Chief Technology Officer, Archis Gore, “Polyverse is thrilled to support cveapi.com in our shared mission to democratize the cybersecurity industry and foster an environment that encourages collaboration. By encouraging open APIs such as the CVE API, we hope to do our small part in helping ideas flourish and creating usable data. Open innovation is at the heart of Polyverse’s technology and our culture; we are committed to helping make vital cybersecurity information available, accessible, and consumable, for the benefit of the entire community.”

“I created the API so that other engineers can have easy access to CVE information. While the NIST NVD database and MITRE’s CVE database are open to the public, there’s no convenient way of accessing the information directly from applications or scripts. I am hopeful that it will have an impact on the industry and am grateful for Polyverse’s commitment to the open source community,” said Dieter Van der Stock, creator of cveapi.com.