Port Industry to be Supplied With Solutions by Traxens at Smart Ports Barcelona

With Traxens’ solutions, ports can improve their efficiency and the interoperability of the systems with a trusted third party. For example, the Cargo Community System (CCS) manages traceability within the port area, but it also needs to capture information in the hinterland, and, in general, during the pre- and post-shipment phases. This is made possible with the Traxens solution; its objective is to improve the real-time information and predictivity of the flow of goods, to streamline overall port operations.

“New technologies like big data, automation and artificial intelligence, as well as new values such as transparency and collaboration, are driving profound changes in all areas of our industry,” said Claire Perez, representative for the Port of Barcelona. “We are aiming to connect the various stakeholders in the logistics chain with platforms that make transactions and bureaucratic procedures easier, faster, more reliable and more easily traceable.”

Ports all over the world are increasingly looking for this kind of service. Traxens has signed agreements in recent months with some of the biggest ports in Europe. Late last year, it launched a pilot IoT project at the Port of Valencia (Spain) aimed at improving the operational efficiency of the port. In July 2019, the company also joined the French Smart Port in Med initiative as an associate partner. Traxens is the only IoT company supporting the association. More recently, Traxens set up a partnership with the Port of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) for the WeAre42 smart container project. Discussions are also ongoing with a number of major undisclosed ports worldwide.

“The port industry is looking to secure its operations and increase its efficiency. Our mission is to support this market by optimizing operations through our bespoke IoT solution,” said Sylvain Prevot, director for Traxens Sea Business Unit. “The Traxens solution is perfect for these challenges, since we produce our own data and have developed a standard for those data and communications with the UN-CEFACT. Our ambition is to become the trusted third party of choice for the port industry.”

According to reports released for the coming Smart Ports event scheduled to take place on November 19-21;