POSaBIT California Launches New Sale System For Use

The POSaBIT company launches a new highly innovative point of sale systems for operations in their organization. This new solutions platform will aid their clients; especially those in the Cannabis market. These customers will have easier access to efficiently manage their different transaction operations such as the purchase of cannabis products with their debit cards without any unnecessary hassle.

According to Ryan Hamlin, who is the co- founder and Chief Executive Officer of POSaBIT, “We are ecstatic to bring our point of sale to the California market. Our retail POS provides everything a Cannabis retailer needs, from loyalty programs, customer profiles, inventory management, sales analytics, and online ordering, to an all- in- one hardware solution. Now, thanks to our fully – compliant integration with the state’s METRC system, we can provide the California market with a point of sale they have long desired.”

The POSaBIT Systems corporation is a known leading financial technological company which specializes in providing their clients with customized payments processing solutions that is cash- only in nature. The company especially provides its services to the Cannabis market and as such has introduced its full point of sale of hardware and software to Cannabis retailers in California.

With the aid of METRC; which is known as California’s regulatory tracking software for the Cannabis industry, the company helps the Cannabis retailers with their debit processing solutions by bringing them all to one platform for a joint processing. The state also has a full access to effectively utilizing the company’s innovative point of sale system.

Junior Wright, the Owner of Green Mammoth said, “We absolutely love the POSaBIT point of sale. Easy integration, every feature you could ask for, budtender- friendly front end, and an incredibly robust back end. Plus, POSaBIT provides a friendly, attentive and efficient customer service team.

POSaBIT currently has full operations in over 6 states and has a total of over 120 dispensaries in these states.