Power Knot Scores Environmental Award

Managing the incidence of waste food in the restaurant industry has been a point of contention. Environmental concerns usually show up as a driving factor to push restaurants into being more responsible about their waste processing. Power Knot, one of the most prominent private businesses that help restaurants manage their waste processing services, has proven their dedication to preserving the environment through their dedicated commercial efforts. The company was awarded the Restaurateurs’ Choice Award for Environmental Good, determined by the editors of Restaurant Technology News. The award goes to a company or brand that has utilized next-generation technology to promote eco-friendly practices and achieve sustainability.

Technology That Walks the Talk

Power Knot’s LFC biodigester is an example of the company’s technology for dealing with restaurant waste. It leverages the digestive capabilities of microorganisms to break down food waste through a series of steps. The LFC setup enables these microorganisms to deal with most food waste within 24 hours through the use of a microbe-enzyme mixture. The biodigester produces a gray liquid matter as waste, which is entirely environmentally friendly and may be safely discharged down a drain or released into a field. The LFC can deal with most types of common food waste found in restaurants, including fruit, vegetables, rice, bread, and even fish and meat.

A Serious Solution for a Current Problem

Food waste makes up between 30 to 40% of the food that we produce annually. If left to biodegrade on its own, the influx of organic waste from a restaurant would be far too much for traditional composting techniques to make an impact on it. The LFC biodigester produced by Power Knot serves to reduce the time that is needed to break down waste food. As a sustainable technology, it is one of the fastest methods for a restaurant to deal with its food waste. The long-term prospects of this technology and its promise for the future cannot be understated.