Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2014

Cloud computing as taken over the IT industry and as more companies begin to adopt this method of delivering services to end users, we expect the technical landscape to change along with that. When you think about how cloud computing has quickly taken over the discussion in the IT world, it can be easy to feel left behind by the all of the new ideas that have infiltrated the conversation. In 2014, we expect a few things to happen in the cloud computing industry.

Software as a Service, better known as SaaS, has been the default method of application delivery in the cloud for quite some time. SaaS is expected to be the default delivery model for software going forward. This news is a relief to many system administrators because the days of scripting silent deployments and dealing with the fall out of failed installs are over.
Internationally speaking, Australia will continue to lead the Asia Pacific corridor in cloud adaptations. In fact, Australia is poised to outpace both India and China in migrating to the cloud.  With Australia leading the technology charge in this region, countries like New Zealand and the Philippines are expected to piggy back upon this success.
Cloud to cloud back-ups as well as live environments will be a process that becomes common place in 2014. Companies have traditionally been worried about putting their entire technical infrastructure in the clouds yet data suggests that businesses have scrapped this line of thinking and in order to conserve on internal budgets, the cloud is now being used for disaster recovery and as a primary means of delivering software.
The automation of cloud security is another big change to the cloud environment. Traditionally, engineers have had to critique every port of the fabric and rely on tedious methods in order to audit the security of their cloud. In 2014, you’ll see the release of cloud based tools that are designed to shore up the security of your cloud.