PredictX Releases New Tool To Increase Air Market Data Transparency

The air market industry has been faced with certain issues, ranking high on this list is the issue of transparency in transactions for each contract decision. With the large shares of change seen by the industry, it becomes very imperative for the clients and market as a whole be carefully guided into what is known as an improved source of air marketing negotiations.

As a result of this, PredictX releases a highly innovative and advanced analytical solution which ought to provide the answer to the major pain points encountered by these buyers. The newly released tool is called the PredictX navigator. The PredictX navigator is a tool that makes use of advanced machine learning, analysis and predictive analytic as a mode to steer the market buyers through the operations occurring in the market place.

The tool is an artificial intelligence driven one that also aids in predicting the possibility of rates and demands of the market in the future. It spontaneously scrutinizes various proposals and contracts, leaving the client with the best choice to pick from.  Asides this, it also has the feature of helping to track the progress of these contracts with respect to their fixed and dynamic targets. Another feature contained by this tool is the alerting tool which informs users on the best decisions to make on each contract operation.

The navigator tool is one that was created by PredictX with a futuristic mindset, enabling buyers to see for themselves the best quality deal they should engage in for every contract. The tool is a ‘new distribution content (NDC)’ designed tool which can also cater for buyers who are not yet NDC compliant.

PredictX is a travel data analytic company that modifies technology in the form of artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics to aid buyer’s data analysis in the air market industry. The company is always known to be a foot further than every other air company as a result of its highly innovative ideas which it implements to aid buyer’s experience.