Previewing IBM’s Pulse2014 Cloud Conference

IBM is undoubtedly becoming more aggressive in their cloud strategy. Big Blue’s Pulse2014 conference is set to kick off in Las Vegas, NV on February 23rd and the event will last until the 26th. IBM has dubbed Pulse2014 as the “Premier Cloud Conference.”  Pulse2014 has technical professionals sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation, because IBM is often known for their innovative and informative presentations.

 If you aren’t lucky enough to find yourself at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to see the Pulse2014 presentations in person, IBM has graciously allowed users from the web to watch live broadcasts from Pulse2014. If you are on Twitter, keep an eye on the hash tag #IBMPulse for live updates on the conference as attendees tweet.

IBM has invited several high profile cloud experts to talk at this event. The MC of the event will be David Pogue. IBM has slotted 14 of their top cloud experts to talk at the event. The topics range from the mobile cloud, optimizing IT, asset management and utilizing smarter infrastructure. Big Blue has also invited a few of its clients to speak about the cloud at Pulse2014. These clients are household names such as Concur, Continental, Honda, Red Bull and more.

IBM has also slotted Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and actress Anna Gunn, also from Breaking Bad, to speak at Pulse2014. IBM’s Pulse2014 speaker’s page says “Get the inside story behind the bold moves and the role that cloud, mobile and social played in the phenomenal rise of one of the greatest television series of all time! Breaking Bad series creator Vince Gilligan and actress Anna Gunn will join us to share their perspective on how this bold bet delivered big results.”

Pulse2014 is an event that could further accelerate the growth and usefulness of the cloud industry as a whole. IBM is not only a business; the company is a trend setter in cloud technology. It will be interesting to see what kind of impact Pulse2014 has on the cloud computing world going forward.