Promethease And SNPedia Platforms To Be Acquired by MyHeritage

According to Dr. Yaniv Erlich, the Chief Science Officer at MyHeritage, “The acquisition of SNPedia and Promethease expands MyHeritage’s intellectual property in medical genetics. Going forward, SNPedia will empower us to broaden the scope of health reports provided by the MyHeritage DNA Health+Ancestry test and propel it to become a global market leader in consumer DNA testing. We are happy to keep SNPedia as a free resource for the academic community and for consumers.”

MyHeritage is a leading worldwide discovery platform that functions un medical genetic niche, services it provides includes family history exploration, ethnic origins discovery, discovering of new relatives and also increasing insights on health coverages. This new acquisition deal by them will also help in improving individuals lives through interaction with their already known DNA testing platform.

The acquired platforms; Promehtease and SNPedia are known to be operated by the company; River Road Bio. SNPedia is a encyclopedia-like wiki that was released in 2006, it is known to contain a baseline of information including links between certain genetic traits and medical conditions and also with an archive of over 25,000 peer reviewed scientific publications.

Promethease, on the other hand, is a known literature retrieval service. It allows upload of raw DNA data from their clients and it reviews with the SNPedia platform to reveal already established facts on these raw data forms uploaded.

Both Promethease and SNPedia are leading platforms in the consumer health industry. Following the acquisition, MyHeritage plans on offering the services of these two platforms as a free promotion for use, running to the end of the year.

Dr. Greg Lennon, the co-founder of SNPedia and Promethease also said,” We are pleased with the acquisition by MyHeritage. We expect this to extend SNPedia’s contribution to even more consumers and thereby improve millions of lives through MyHeritage’s popular DNA testing platform.”