ProofPoint Finalizes Armorize Acquisition

ProofPoint, a recognized security as a service vendor, finalized their acquisition of cloud based anti-malware firm Armorize. Under the terms of the deal, ProofPoint paid $25 million in cash.

ProofPoint’s core values are to keep away malicious scripting languages, protect against fraud or theft, protect delicate data for legal support and maintain secure and efficient communication with partners and clients. The acquisition of Armorize certainly props up ProofPoint in these areas and in becoming the clear leader in the anti-malware industry. According to Proofpoint CEO Gary Steele, “Proofpoint’s acquisition of Armorize strengthens our position in the malware market, one of the most important spaces in the security industry.”
Steele also added, “We’ve been leveraging key Armorize technology in our Targeted Attack Protection for almost a year, and the effectiveness has been phenomenal. Acquiring Armorize solidifies Proofpoint’s leading position in cloud-based, next-generation threat detection technology and gives us full access to Armorize’s world-class malware research expertise.”
Furthermore, ProofPoint offers a superior and reliable security capability called Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) which detects, protects, blocks and responds to targeted email attacks. It has been roughly a decade since email attacks have spiraled out of control. Yet with all of the current technology, there has been no true answer to this problem until now. As per ProofPoint, “Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection™ takes an entirely new approach, using big data analysis techniques to identify and apply additional security controls to suspicious messages.”
Armorize brings a great deal of experience along with one-of-a-kind technology however they were limited on the business end. ProofPoint will now afford them the luxury of even more resources to focus on improving their technology while having access to more customers. “Being part of the Proofpoint organization will definitely enable Armorize to further leverage our core technologies and research across a wider range of customers,” said Armorize CEO Wayne Huang.
Together, these two companies can establish themselves as a major player in the cloud security and malware detection and prevention industry.