Pros and Cons of Using iCloud Backup for Your iPhone

OK, Mac lovers out there. You love your Mac. You love your iPhone. You love your iPad. But we have a hunch that more than you love the devices themselves, you love all of the irreplaceable data that you have stored on them.

Take your iPhone. Should any calamity befall your precious device, you’re not going to be in the mood for dotting any “i’s”, iPhone loyalty notwithstanding.

It ultimately boils down to safe and secure backup for your iPhone. If your phone disappears, gets damaged or stolen, you still want access to all of your irreplaceable data, notes, calendar, music, videos, pictures, etc., if you know what “i” mean.

Enters iCloud to the rescue. iCloud is a solid online backup choice for your iPhone. Listed below is a comprehensive list of the pros and cons associated with iCloud.

Pros of using iCloud

Safety: A reliable, trusty online back-up option, created and developed by experts in the field. You can relax knowing that your files are stored, backed-up and safe should any irreversible damage occur to your iPhone or any other “i” device.

Sync feature: The unbridled convenience of having all of your data synced and in one place, no matter which device you happen to be using. That’s one of the greatest beauties of cloud-based storage.

Ease of use: Unlike the notorious MobileMe, iCloud’s predecessor, with iCloud Apple ensured that ease of use was paramount. And they came through with flying colors. A simple, straightforward and short process is all that it takes to have your iPhone backed up to the iCloud.

Free: Up to 5GB of free online storage. If you need more space than that, you can subscribe to an upgrade with a low, monthly service charge.

Selection: If you want to stay within the 5GB free limit of online storage, you can select which apps and data to backup, manually. This keeps you on the pulse of the content and size of all of your backups to iCloud.

Cons of using iCloud

Confidentiality? – This con is really paranoia at its best, but in reality, the folks at Apple now have access to any data that’s backed up in iCloud. Not that we are accusing them of spending their time sniffing through our, amongst millions of users, online data, but it’s just the thought of knowing that it is technically possible.

Security? – This con is also chalked up to the suspicious part of our brains. Apple’s iCloud is definitely an intriguing target for hackers all over the globe. Makes some users feel uncomfortable that there may be characters out there who would delight in entering Apple’s iCloud backup system. But again, due to a two-step verification process that Apple added to iCloud in March of 2013, likelihood is nearly nil.

In summary, iCloud seems to be a fantastic back-up option with unparalleled convenience and support. With the increasing need of having the data on all of our Mac devices streamlined, cloud-based backup is a small leap of faith that even the most suspicious amongst us would be wise to jump. In the same way that distrustful sorts had to make the jump to join the internet, back in the late 1990’s.

And you can’t get too far in life if you don’t jump. But with iCloud, rest easy that your jump is nearly guaranteed to be a safe and successful one.