ProtectWise Appoints Former Army Cyber Commander onto Advisory Board

Image Attribution: Flickr

ProtectWise is a company that produces a cloud based security solution that acts like a DVR for your enterprise. When suspicious activity occurs on your network, you can rewatch the what happened on your network in the same manner of re-watching a television show on your DVR. In March, CloudWedge profiled ProtectWise in an article entitled ProtectWise Emerges From Stealth to Debut Cloud Security Suite.
In the article, we detailed the ProtectWise suite and noted that its founder is former McAfee CTO Scott Chasin. ProtectWise has rapidly ascended from stealth mode in the past few months and the upstart company may be ready primetime in cloud security.
In the latest announcement from ProtectWise, the company mentions that they have added a new advisory board member. ProtectWise has welcomed former Commander of Army Cyber Command Lieutenant General (Ret.) Rhett A. Hernandez. This move is significant for ProtectWise because adding someone with such a decorated background will only help the ProtectWise platform mature and become more widely implemented.
In his comments on joining the advisory board, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Rhett A. Hernandez said, “ProtectWise’s cloud-based approach to network security is a game changer.” Hernandez goes on to say, “It’s an incredible opportunity to be part of an effort that is truly re-imagining network security rather than just iterating on today’s outdated and ineffective model.”
In Hernandez’s role as Commander of Army Cyber Command, he managed a global network that required 17,000 personnel to operate. On a daily basis, he directed the daily cyber operations of the Army including the defense and security of that network.
The US Army’s global network serves over 1m end users on any given day. Hernandez has 39 years of distinguished service with the US Army and he also served as the US Military Academy’s Cyber Chair to the Army Cyber Institute.
Hernandez’s leadership and proven ability to scale up operations will likely help ProtectWise grow into a mainstream security cloud product that helps enterprises monitor their systems for nefarious activities.