ProtectWise Emerges From Stealth to Debut Cloud Security Suite

Image Attribution: Flickr

ProtectWise is a company started by former McAfee CTO Scott Chasin. ProtectWise has debuted its new product which Chasin says acts like Cloud DVR for security. In a typical DVR setup, everything that you intend to record is available for you to retrieve later. With ProtectWise, all of the security events that happen within your organization are uploaded into the cloud and presented to you within a single easy to manage interface. ProtectWise already includes Universal Music Group and Rally Software as two of its initial customers.
Chasin notes that his organization has received $17M in funding from Trinity Ventures. The cloud security app allows you to analyze security events in order to get a better understanding of the security surrounding your cloud. Chasin, who has also started and sold companies such as BugTraq, and MX Logic, confessed in a Wall Street Journal interview that he “Got the itch.” Chasin left his position as CTO of cloud software at McAfee because he mentions that he “Wanted to innovate again.”
In his comments to WSJ, Chasin talks about a common problem in IT departments all across the world: Alarm fatigue. It’s the idea that some organizations have too many alarms in place which increases the likely hood of an alarm going unnoticed. Chasin also goes on to say that the average time it takes to discover a breach is 200 days. ProtectWise stores data for up to a year for organizations who need go back and revisit a potential security event.
In explaining how ProtectWise works, Scott Chasin says, “Out toolset allows CIOs to respond more rapidly. If you’re the CIO and you’re driving into the office and you hear about some PDF exploit or a Heartbleed, how do you know you weren’t impacted a year ago? You don’t. With the DVR solution, they can go to the board and say they’re in the clear because the tape was automatically reviewed.”