QIC Global Integrates Sequel’s Impact System for Cyber Threats

One of QIC’s goals is Increasing functionality to maximize productivity in cyber business. Cyber exposure is complex and requires a proven, effective system.

QIC Global has reached an agreement with Sequel to maintain full flexibility and functionality of their cyber business. This agreement involves implementation of Sequel’s popular Impact system to achieve this.

Sequel is a software specialist system business that belongs to the Verisk Analytics, Inc. It is known to deliver a wide range of software models that are necessary to understand cyber risks before dabbling into them, the system also ensures true flexibility.

QIC Global is known to have prior history with the Sequel team, having previously used the Impact tool for other engagements; specifically, their energy and terrorism portfolio exposure management. This previous engagement placed the Sequel team high on the QIC Global’s list when the need came up. QIC Global is the cover organization for Qatar Insurance Company. It runs the international operations for this company group including Antares and Qater Re.

The Sequel’s Head of Business speaks in glowing terms about the Impact system, stating the advantages of using the tool as a data storehouse for organization. According to him, the Impact tool has a flexibility property in data capture and it also comes with other abilities such as data export and running of data checks in required instances. This makes the Impact tool one of high rating, even to the point of being chosen by the QIC Global group.

The Impact system enables prospective users a glimpse into the level of exposure and risk that could come as a result of certain cyber activities. This makes it very beneficial to the QIA Global team since it will increase the productivity of the organization in offering the right kind of cyber risk products to their ever growing network of clients.