Qlik Brings Data as a Service to the Business Intelligence Community

Image Attribution: Flickr

Business Intelligence analysts can now utilize Qlik’s DataMarket, which is being billed as the first Data as a Service offering that is specially tailored the BI community. With the announcement of the new Qlik DataMarket service, Qlik has also released the Qlik Sense Cloud and Qlik Sense Charts to compliment the DataMarket app.
With Qlik DataMarket, business intelligence analysts can get on-demand access to normalized data sources that can provide significant value to organizations. Qlik DataMarket provides external data to organizations from a comprehensive set of data providers.
Qlik DataMarket contains over 200 data providers, 100,000 plus data sets and over 5 billion facts values. Qlik says that BI professionals can use Qlik Sense Cloud to compare, augment and segment their internal data with data found in the data market. Using Qlik Sense Charts, BI professionals can share out their visualizations to privileged members within their organization. If the BI analyst is producing content for the internet, Qlik Sense Charts can be integrated into an existing website.
Using the Qlik DataMarket, Qlik Sense Cloud and Qlik Sense Charts, business intelligence agencies now have an entire suite of products that makes locating important data easy. The Qlik Sense Cloud is now available and advanced features such as a project storyboard and the ability to create apps will be released in the future. Qlik Sense Charts allows BI departments to visually share their findings in an easy to consume format. BI analysts can then publish their findings on an internal corporate website or on an external website facing the internet. Charts and data can be shared out via social media.
Anthony Deighton, Qlik CTO and SVP of Products, says, “Our cloud strategy encompasses more than just an infrastructure or Software-as-a-Service play; At Qlik we see an exciting opportunity for Cloud-based value-added services, like Qlik DataMarket Data as a Service offering, to optimize the visual analytics experience, even at the point of decision. Likewise, because people do not make decisions alone, sharing in the cloud will always be an important part of our collaboration strategy as well.”