Quantzig Expands Its Services in The Industrial and Manufacturing Sector

Quantzig is an organization that is known globally for providing services in the data analytics and advisory industry. With over 15 years of existence and branches across various regions such as the UK US, China and India, Quantzig provides its clients with end to end data modelling capabilities services that aids their decision making skills through the full utilization of analytics. Quantzig currently has a client base of over 200 companies including a number of companies under the Fortune 500, making it quite a popular choice amongst many other companies.

The company recently announced its recent breakthrough in the form of a development of enterprise data management engagement for a leading industrial equipment manufacturer. This development was as an answer to the ever pressing need to increase certain operations such as risk management, compliance and the likes in the firm.

The client is a Fortune 500 equipment manufacturer based in the US. This firm originally operated a siloed form of data management and as a result, they found it quite difficult to fully analyze actions and create new insights for planning. As such, they were faced with a challenge of building a new centralized system of data management that will enhance a more detailed analytical function in the firm, and this problem they presented to the Quantzig firm.

According to an enterprise data management expert from Quantzig, “Adopting a structured approach to enterprise data management can help players in the industrial and manufacturing sector to tackle most of their challenges.”

As a result, major on the solution provided by Quantzig to the client was a solution that was composed of a well- structured central three-pronged approach that will focus on creating analytical platforms which will increase visibility and improve their decision-making skill. This solution proferred has recorded a massive improvement to the challenges faced by the firm, thereby increasing its productivity and contributing as a part of Quantzig’s success story.