Quantzig Reveals Ways Technology is Gaining Grounds in Media and Entertainment Sector

Quantzig is a known global analytics and advisory firm that supplies its clients with end-to-end data modeling capabilities to leverage analytics for prudent decision making.

The new article report by Quantzig  was recently released on how artificial intelligence is disrupting the media and entertainment sector with a major emphasis placed on artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is gradually and effortlessly gaining more grounds globally in the world as a whole. With these expansion comes more innovative progression, making it one of the fastest growing technology tools in the world.

The media and entertainment sector is also not left out of this expansion as the use of artificial intelligence as a problem solving tool for most of their challenges is becoming increasingly more common. Challenges faced by companies in this industry are associated to various factors such as live streaming of content, unpredictable traffic, personalization and publishing permission-based content. Also, a number of these companies proportion a significant amount of their budget to enhancing the bandwidth for ensuring a seamless streaming of budgets.

The use of artificial intelligence therefore helps these companies to personalize user’s experience and  search optimization while improving content-creation and production processes, all these ultimately increases the creativity and productivity of these companies.

According to the article released by Quantzig, the use of artificial intelligence in this sector helps to;

  • Encourage real- time streaming: Through the use of artificial intelligence, these companies can customize, package and transmit their contents in real time experiences, thereby improving customer’s experience while simultaneously increasing sales.
  • Enhance user experience: By providing customers with relevant advertising and also defining their relevant emotional state, artificial intelligence helps to enhance user’s experience.
  • Enhance management of content and also its delivery: Making use of advanced algorithms together with AI helps precisely target audiences increasing the chance of a conversion through specific content delivery to the customers.