Rackspace: Adobe Experience Manager Clients Get Fanatical Support

Rackspace, a company that proudly provides fanatical support, has just expanded its offerings to provide managed cloud for the Adobe Experience Manager suite. With Adobe Experience Manager, users can build creative media for websites, mobile apps and more. Organizations with Adobe Experience Manager will be able to better manage their marketing image by having all of their materials available to them in one place.
When organizations use tools such as the Adobe Experience Manager, they must have some sort of infrastructure engineer on hand to do all of the tasks associated with maintaining the services. Larger organizations will require a team that will assist in new deployments, performing cloud upgrades and preparing the environment for major campaign launches. Rackspace will now offer those services while also providing 24×7 support that includes maintenance and monitoring all for a low monthly fee.
“Rackspace has been working with AEM customers for years and understands their pain points, requirements and what is needed to maximize the AEM technology,” says Kyle Metcalf, senior director and GM of the Digital Practice Area at Rackspace.
“Managed cloud for AEM delivers expanded support and automation capabilities to allow customers to deploy content faster and with less hassle than ever before,” Metcalf added.
When organizations are able to hand off an infrastructure project that involves their entire media platform, the teams involved with creating the media can focus more so on media and less on upkeep of the services.
Rackspace also offers turn-key style Adobe Experience Manager deployments which provide organizations with the ability to simply order the cloud service so that they can rapidly deploy it to their users. Rackspace says that support for AEM will officially start in October, although some organizations have opted into the early access program which has given them a test drive of the new platform offered by Rackspace.